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About WMT

Winsheng material technology (WMT), a professional SiC ingot/wafer manufacturer, has worked in the industry for many years and is familiar with various semiconductivity and single crystal growth technologies, as well as industry-leading wafer processing technology. Since the establishment of the company, we had focused on the development of SiC technology and market, and had various aspects of information about SiC. The excellent characteristics of SiC material outline a bright application prospect, and it is closely related to the national defense and the aerospace industry in the early development. The technology has been regulated by the government of advanced countries for a long time, resulting in an oligopoly in the market, and the related technologies cannot be obtained in this situation. Although Taiwan was the famous semiconductor country in the world, but the development of SiC was in the beginning, which also obstructed the process of investing of power semiconductor manufacturers in mid- and downstream.
Relying on own patented technology for silicon carbide crystal growth, the company acquired the key technologies of the whole process of raw material synthesis, crystal growth, ingot cutting, wafer processing, cleaning, and inspection. WMT also combines up- and downstream resources to develop the quality verification of SiC wafer, quickly launch the SiC products to the market, and expand the market dimension.

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